Terms of Use

Agreement between “The Client” purchasing the Services from www.playlisthype.net and “The Company” providing services on www.playlisthype.net.

Cancellation/Refund Policy.
The Client accepts that there is no possibility of a refund due to the serviceable hours involved in The Companys campaign as soon as the service commences. The Client is aware that each campaign is individual, and results may vary due to the organic nature required for a successful promotion. The Client agrees that the campaign or campaigns will be non-refundable. Still, The Company can transfer any streams not delivered within a reasonable campaign timeframe (6 months) to an existing or forthcoming release. The Client has the opportunity to initiate a transition with the remaining target streams. PlaylistHype isn’t responsible for any activity outside of our promotion that could interfere with your campaign. If you don’t see organic activity from our marketing, you are eligible for a full refund ONLY if you have valid & respectful proof of such a claim.

Engagement. You have a full understanding that The Company cannot guarantee any engagement on your song(s) or social media profiles. Engagement such as monthly listeners, saves & followers is determined per individual who will listen to your song(s).
Website Marketing. The Company cannot duplicate any material displayed due to the nature of the authentic promotion.
Control Of Your Promotion. During the promotion, you can stop the campaign and get the promotion restarted again or transfer the remaining streams to a different song.
Offline. If your song got taken down or decide to take it down, you can transfer the remaining streams to a different song. No refund will be available.
Marketing. The Company may use your Spotify For Artists results for marketing purposes, including album cover image, song, & artist name, and playlists. The Company has powers to use your results for selling purposes without your permission only if you don’t disclose that you don’t instruct the results to be advertised. If The Company uses The Client results for marketing purposes and wishes to be removed, it may take up to 60 days.

Illegal activity. The Company will not grant any refunds if the artist engages in any illegal or libellous nature regarding the promotion, for example, the botting of stream counts or plays. If the activity harms PlaylistHype Curators’ property, the promotion will be terminated without the ability to transfer the missing streams to a different song.

Streams. All streams from algorithmic playlists such as Discover Weekly, Release Radar, Radio & other playlists generated by the Spotify algorithm will count towards your campaign.

Spotify For Artists. The Company require viewer only access to The Clients Spotify For Artists account to monitor and optimize the campaign. Failing to provide access within 14 days, will give The Client a full refund.

Changes to Terms The Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change the Terms under which www.playlisthype.net is offered. The most current version of the Terms will supersede all previous versions. The Company encourages you to review the Terms to stay informed of our updates periodically.



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