Unleashing the Power of Spotify Promotion – the Beginner’s Handbook


Being an artist, who doesn’t dream of having his or her music listed in an official Spotify playlist? It now only helps in demonstrating your music to your potential fans but it is also an effective means of generating an unbelievable amount of streams. And, the power of streams is known to all.

However, what’s the way your next release placed on a Spotify promotion artist playlist? To help you with this, we have come up with this post today that explores almost everything related to promoting and placing your music on a recognized Spotify playlist.


When you are thinking about releasing your next solo, you need to first upload it to Spotify for artists. To do so, all you need to do is to log in to your Spotify artist account and click on “pitch a song”. 

When you opt to pitch your next release, it puts your music in front of the Spotify curators. This is the first step to land your music in the huge official playlist placement of Spotify. When the song is placed on the playlist, Spotify adds it to your follower’s release radar playlist. 

This step ensures that each of your fans knows about your latest solo. Though it sounds simple, in actuality, it’s not easy. You need to own a Spotify account that has enough fan engagement for Spotify curators to take into consideration.

You can take this as the first and most vital step of Spotify music promotion. It’s directly related to the number of followers your account has. To increase your follower count you can use various social media platforms to upload your songs and tag the posts mentioning Spotify. 

Another good idea is to buy Spotify followers from a genuine source. In fact, this option is one of the most viable ones as it allows you to get as many followers as you want and enhances your followers count in minutes. 

Strategies you need to follow before releasing your solo

If your music is not consumed by the masses, it’s quite a difficult task to release a track or expect some impact after releasing it.  It will be simply like sweeping music under the carpet and anybody will hardly know about its existence. 

So, don’t stop once you acquire a considerable number of followers. Keep on trying various strategies that can help you in promoting your music and bring you into the limelight. 

The know-how of promoting music on Spotify

Check out the following hacks of successfully promoting your music on Spotify.  

Generate interest Before releasing a solo, you need to generate user interest towards it even over a period of weeks prior to release. It’s one of the most obvious promotion techniques which is at the same time important too. 

Creating a buzz that revolves around your new release before its launch makes people rushing to download or stream. A good practice is making social media posts that can be used as a trailer for a new song. 

Leverage the power of creativity, and make your promotional efforts out of the box. Instagram can help you with the same.

1.Plan a pre-save campaign

Do you remember, in our school days we used to pre-book for upcoming cassettes? The pre-save campaign works in the same way. It enables your fans with the power of ordering your song for streaming which in turn creates room for the placement of the song directly into the fans’ playlists. 

Indeed, it’s one of the best methods of driving engagement on your Spotify account.

2. Buy Spotify plays 

Not only followers, but you can also go ahead and buy Spotify plays. The more plays your song has, the higher are the chances of getting them placed in a playlist. So, when you buy as many Spotify plays as you want it’s simply pushing your song to the probability of getting placed on Spotify playlists.

3. Your mailing list is a powerful weapon

Did you know, a fan’s email is the most valuable thing they can gift you? In this digitalized world, the appeal of personalized email is drastic and easy. So, don’t hesitate to send direct emails to your fans stating about the latest upcoming solos. 

It will simply go a long way and when it comes to talking about fan engagement, this hack is simply awesome. 

4. Boost post on social media

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter keep on updating their algorithm. As a result, only a few of your fan base can see your regular posts. Here, the effectiveness of ‘boost post’ comes into the picture.

It’s one of the best ways to make your posts visible to your fan base. So, when you are posting about a new release, don’t forget to promote it to your current fan base. After a few days, simply boost the shared post. The results will overwhelm you. 

Final word

The beauty of Spotify lies in its power of making an artist overnight if the music is placed in the right playlist. Due to this reason, almost everyone on this platform shows a height of desperation to keep their song in front of curators.

And the best part is, it’s not very hard to achieve if you know the right steps. So, as a final suggestion never rush your release. Take enough time, plan every moment strategically, utilize the power of digital media and let your creative juices flow. 

Standing out inside the crowd is one of the most applied success mantras. So, research, gain enough knowledge about the latest trends, analyze what your listeners like and then release a song. 

It will open up the chances of getting your song listened to by many and if they like it, nobody can stop you from adding the feather of success to your hat. Hope this helps. So, keep on creating, enjoy singing, enjoy being on Spotify and experience the bliss of being an achiever. 


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